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GIFT VOUCHER - Coaching 1H30

Hùma offers you a COACHING APPOINTMENT of approximately 1h30 (minimum duration that can be extended as needed). This is an essential step in order to listen to you, better understand the constraints of your establishment, your needs and provide answers to your questions. Choose the day and duration that suit you in the time slots offered by Hùma. Fill in your contact details, as well as that of the place to visit. Set your appointment according to the chosen duration. Hùma sends you a summary order confirmation mentioning the day and time of your appointment within 48 hours. At the end of the meeting:

- Either you feel that you have received all the answers to your questions and wish to give yourself time to rethink your project. In this case you will receive a summary report allowing you to keep in mind all the ideas mentioned during our meeting. You will be able to request Hùma's services again as soon as you are ready to carry out your project.

- Either you want to go further and make your project a reality, you then have the possibility of choosing among the various professional offers offered by Hùma. A summary report will be sent to you in the days following our appointment, with a quote corresponding to the chosen offer.

You will receive the gift voucher by email and then you can print it to offer it to the person of your choice.

GIFT VOUCHER - Coaching 1H30